Sprague Photo Stock | featuring society, health, and the environment worldwide. http://www.spraguephoto.com My Website is a great collection of my things. en-us 729 - Primary school in Kigoma, Rwanda. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=6784 563 - Boy drinking water from a village spout, Rwanda. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=6677 484 - Man cutting firewood, Gitarama, Rwanda. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=6588 3071 - Burundian refugee children at Mwisale camp, Rwanda. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=7088 3038 - Burundian refugees at Gisale camp, collecting water, Rwanda. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=6959 364 - Children with radio, Butare, Rwanda. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=6405 571 - Hutu refugee from Burundi cooking at refugee camp, Rwanda. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=6843 3065 - Camp for Burundian refugees at Gisale, Rwanda. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=7089 3064 - Burundian refugee child at Mwisale camp, washing dishes, Rwanda. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=7090 718 - Hutu-Burundian refugees at a camp near Butare, Rwanda. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=12403 4239 - Farmer involved in "zero-grazing" project, Bitare, Rwanda. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=8239 3062 - Hutu refugees from Rwanda at Likole camp, Ngara, Tanzania. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=6966 3046 - Burundian and Rwandan refugee camp, Ngara, South Sudan, Sudan. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=6961