Sprague Photo Stock | featuring society, health, and the environment worldwide. http://www.spraguephoto.com My Website is a great collection of my things. en-us 3182 - Pilgrims and tourists at the chapel of Assakrem, Hogar, Algeria. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=7027 378 - Women and children at clinic in Bou Sa'ada, Algeria. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=6307 3180 - Car stuck in the sand crossing the Great Desert, Tamanrasset, Algeria. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=6937 3177 - Women of Bou Saada, Algeria. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=7004 3179 - Woman and child, Bou Saada, Algeria. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=6991 3178 - Truck crossing Sahara desert, south of Tamanrasset, Algeria. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=6986 3181 - Truck crossing Sahara desert, south of Tamanrasset, Algeria. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=6987 084 - Medics administering oral polio vaccine to a baby, Bou Sa'ada, Algeria. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=6415 111 - Woman of Bou Sa'ada, Algeria. http://www.spraguephoto.com/imageresponse.lasso?id=6306